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Wild Womb Way – Immersive Online Mystery School & Training




Wild Womb Way Online Mystery School

March 2019 Dates TBA

Learn how to use ancient practices of sacred sexuality to do the deepest healing of your life and awaken crystalline clarity and confidence within.

As you reconnect with your power, you will begin to call in and create your envisioned dreams into reality.


Imagine a ritual immersion of sisterhood, a wild mystery school where we learn from the wisdom of the earth and the intelligence stored inside our bodies.  We will sit in virtual ceremony, dive deep into our bodies through somatic journeys using breath, movement and sound, and sit in council supporting each other towards our healing and transformation









Is deep rooted fear, shame, and shadow keeping you out of touch with what you truly desire?

Unleash your true empowerment and confidence.

⋄ ◅ ◄ ◯  I invite YOU to join our Wild Mystery School 




Join us if you want to 

~ Reconnect to your body, and tap into her unique intelligence and beauty

~ Embrace your full sensual pleasure and awakened creative potential which is your birthright

~ Learn how to live life and listen from your animal body, listening for your intuition and making clear decisions

~ Dive into your shadow, and allow your subconscious reality to come to the surface

~ Heal and release trauma out of the body, break out of old patterns and limiting beliefs around your sexuality.

~ Embody pleasure and healthy sexual expression

The creative energy to manifest your dreams lives rooted in the wild woman deep within you.

Your primal powerful nature is calling, the one connected to the earth who sees intuitively – are you ready to let her out?

⋄ ◅ ◄ ◯  I invite YOU to join our Wild Mystery School   ◯ ► ▻ ⋄

The Wild Womb Way Online Course Includes 2 Immersive Calls a week via zoom where we will explore 

∇ Sacred Womb Rituals ~ Shadow Work ∇ Somatic Movement Journeys ∇ Breathwork ∇ Vocal Exercises ∇ Personal Ritual ∇ Group Ceremony to honor the cycles of the moon ∇ Meditation Techniques ∇ Daily Energy Practices ∇









If you’ve read this far, it’s likely you already have vivid visions and a clear connection to that feeling of giving your purpose to the world. It’s time to turn you ON. . . 

Integrating your own deep, dark, shy and taboo nature can be the fuel to light the alchemical fire of your wildest dream.

⋄ ◅ ◄ ◯  I invite YOU to join our Wild Mystery School   ◯ ► ▻ ⋄


Our 5 week Journey & Curriculum 

Tuesday / Thursday from 6pm – 730 pm

Week 1  Remember Who You Are

∇ Calling home the lost parts of yourself that you are ready to reclaim
∇ Connecting with your deep desires and longings
∇ Discover your innate gifts and how to allow more of yourself to be seen and heard
∇ We will celebrate the full moon together June 28

Week 2  Re-Connecting to your Womb and listening to her voice

∇ Awakening the oracle.  Specific practices to activate your intuition and opening to receive messages and guidance
∇ Diving into the shadow, which is anything below the surface of your physical reality.  Bridging your subconscious wisdom with your conscious brain so that you can have a fuller understanding of who you are
Gentle trauma release through self love and care.  Welcoming home all parts of you to dissolve power from past self protective patterns and destructive cycles. 

Week 3  Blood Mysteries


∇ Historical context and teachings around menstrual blood, the red tent and the divine feminine
Practical tools to honor your blood, and group ceremony to reclaim the power of the blood
History and story of the Ancient Womb Religion
New Moon Ceremony of Renewal July 12
Often a fear or disgust of blood can be linked to a fear of your own feminine power.  We will explore how to release this fear and step into our full brilliance and capacity.
Where are you feeling limited and staying small because of your fears? How can we lean into our edges? 

Week 4  Sexual Empowerment: Reclaiming it as life force


∇ Sexual Sovereignty. Reframing feminine sexuality as an energy that feeds you and those around you rather than something used to manipulate others.
∇ Healthy embodied sexual energy is your life force, and the energy which we use to create our dreams and vision.  It connects us to this earth and gives us a sense of belonging and vibrantly alive.
Cycling and channeling your sexual energy inward to nourish and revitalize you, rather than projecting it outwards onto other people and allowing it to drain you.
Integrating your sexual energy in your creation process.  
How do we fuel our businesses, arts, and creative endeavors by infusing it with our vibrant sexual energy?

Week 5  Birth Your Offerings


∇ You likely have visions of life goals without knowing how to actually make it all happen.
∇ Practical steps to birthing your dreams, getting into creative flow and finding your natural rhythm.
Setting creative goals with the circle, and assigning accountability partners.
Letting go of excuses, fear, and old patterns that keep you from moving forward in your dreams.  


Additional Offerings

∇ BONUS class on money mindset rest.  Heal your relationship with money and shift from scarcity to thriving mindset to call in abundance
∇ Weekly practices and invitations for personal ceremony throughout your week
Online community to share, ask questions and support one another


 This program is for powerful women who….

∇ Are looking to reconnect with their power
∇ Looking for the holistic way to tap into the creatress within
Ready to heal deep trauma around their womb and sexuality
Anyone feeling shame and constriction around their sexuality
Ready to go a step deeper in remembering  who they are.
Women in various stages of their healing journey ready to empower themselves to the next level.


⋄ ◅ ◄ ◯  Join our Wild Mystery School   ◯ ► ▻ ⋄


 In order to take your life higher, first you have to go down and in within yourself…

▽ Many self transformation courses and spiritual teachings emphasizes the ascension of energy.  How can we climb higher, have out of body experiences, and reach towards the cosmos and the unknown.
▽ The wild womb way focuses on bringing the energy DOWN AND IN.  Rooting into the earth, diving deeper within, and exploring the shadow.  

 Wild Womb Way Immersion Facilitator Aya Iwasaki


Aya is a entrepreneur, creator of Ancient Voices Retreats, designer of AyaPapaya Clothing and Jewelry and somatic movement guide.  Allured by the wild and beauty within our beings, Aya Iwasaki calls us to remember ancient wisdom and awaken the intelligence stored inside our bodies. Combining embodied movement, somatic release, and vocal empowerment, Aya guides journeys of self exploration designed to connect to our authentic selves, unearth our deepest desires, and birth our deepest offerings.  She hosts transformational retreats, womb awakening workshops, online courses, and private mentoring as a reimagined mystery school where we learn from the wild and the deep well of our own knowing.
Passionate pursuit of embodying the wild feminine brought Aya into deep study of female sexuality, womb wisdom, and a descent into the underworld.   Aya has studied womb awakening extensively with the Fountain of Life 9 Moon Apprenticeship Program.
She is an advocate for women reclaiming full creative potential, reviving wild sexuality and passion, and rooting us in our sexual sovereignty.


Bonuses included in your package

~ First 7 people to sign up get a comped 1 hour mentoring session with Aya.  *** only 2 more left!
~ Bonus Call:  Money mindset reset, clear belief systems and trauma around money and learn how to call in abundance
~ Discounts for AyaPapaya Retreats including Serpent Moon, Ancient Voices, and Prayers of the Womb
~ Access to a growing virtual ohana (family) women 




Contact Aya with any questions:

805 453 8060