The Jade Way Online Immersion - Aya Papaya

The Jade Way Online Immersion



Do you want to learn how to use your sexual energy to create your envisioned dreams into reality?

Learn the ancient practice of Jade Egg to reconnect with your sexual energy as life force.


The Jade Way Online Immersion April 5 to May 10

In this 5 week Immersion with Aya you will…
– Learn how to channel and harness your sexual energy as creative life force…
– Reclaim your pleasure and turn on for yourself, and increase sensation throughout your body…
– Fall in love with your body…
– Supercharge your libido and sexual energy…
– Release trauma from your physical body…
– Deeply connect with your raw power and inner strength
– Learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles without building tension…
– Releasing tension from the pelvic floor… to relax the pussy and invite more pleasure…







Your awakened pleasure and turn on is the creative energy to manifest your dreams.

Are you ready to embrace your primal life force?

The Jade Way Online Immersion

∇ 5 week Jade Egg Journey with a new weekly Jade Egg Practice and at least one other practice to support your experience 
∇ The Foundations week will teach you Egg basics, history, hygiene, and comes with 4 additional practices to prepare your body and soul to get the most out of this immersion 
∇ Each week you will get access to a video recording teaching the practices as well as an audio to guide you step by step through the practices
∇ 3 Live calls where we will do a Jade Egg Practice together and have time for Q & A as well as coaching for anything moving in you with the Jade Egg
∇ Private Group where you can post all your questions around the Jade Egg and connect with the other sisters on this journey









Do you have vivid visions and a clear connection to that feeling of giving your purpose to the world? 

It’s time to turn you ON. . . 

Embracing your full turn on and sexual energy can give you the raw power you desire to live the life of your dreams!

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Our 5 week Journey & Curriculum 

Videos Released Every week via our private website

Week 1  Foundations April 5 to April 11

∇ Jade Egg Basics, history, hygiene and practicalities, everything you need to know to get started with your journey
∇ Pleasure practices to awaken sexual energy in your body
∇ Grounding practices to support you in staying in your body throughout this journey

Week 2  Awakening the Dragon In YOU… April 12 to April 18

∇ Dao teaches around the Jade Egg is that it is dragon semen in crystalline form…
∇ Embracing and building pleasure
∇ Remember who you are and embrace your true power

Week 3  Purge and Release April 19 to April 25

∇ Gentle trauma Release, out of the emotional and physical body
∇ Reclaiming sexual sovereignty
∇  Moving emotions and energy through your body, welcoming every emotion especially the “negative ones” without getting stuck in patterns

Week 4  Alchemizing Sexual Energy April 26 to May 2

∇ Learn how to alchemize your pleasure and turn on to fuel your entire physical, emotional and spiritual body
∇ Deeply nourish yourself with your own sexual energy

Week 5  Sexual Energy for Manifestation May 3 to May 10

∇ Sex Magic Practice to channel your sexual energy to manifest whatever you desire
∇  Magnetizing things to you from the power of your pussy / womb

Live Calls

∇ April 5 Opening and New Moon Ceremony 

∇ April 23 Live Practice and Q & A

∇ May 10 Closing Ceremony

∇ TBA Bonus Wild Wealthy Woman Masterclass on Sex and Money!!

 This program is for powerful women who….

∇ Are looking to reconnect with their power
∇ Looking for the holistic way to tap into the creatress within
Ready to heal deep trauma around their womb and sexuality
Anyone feeling shame and constriction around their sexuality
Ready to go a step deeper in remembering  who they are.
Women in various stages of their healing journey ready to empower themselves to the next level.

Join the Jade Way Sisterhood



 In order to take your life higher, first you have to go down and in within yourself…

▽ Many self transformation courses and spiritual teachings emphasizes the ascension of energy.  How can we climb higher, have out of body experiences, and reach towards the cosmos and the unknown.
▽ The wild womb way focuses on bringing the energy DOWN AND IN.  Rooting into the earth, diving deeper within, and exploring the shadow.  

 Jade Way Facilitator Aya Kamanakai Iwasaki


Aya is a entrepreneur, creator of Ancient Voices Retreats, designer of AyaPapaya Clothing and Jewelry and somatic movement guide.  Allured by the wild and beauty within our beings, Aya Iwasaki calls us to remember ancient wisdom and awaken the intelligence stored inside our bodies. Combining embodied movement, somatic release, and vocal empowerment, Aya guides journeys of self exploration designed to connect to our authentic selves, unearth our deepest desires, and birth our deepest offerings.  She hosts transformational retreats, womb awakening workshops, online courses, and private mentoring as a reimagined mystery school where we learn from the wild and the deep well of our own knowing.
Passionate pursuit of embodying the wild feminine brought Aya into deep study of female sexuality, womb wisdom, and a descent into the underworld.   Aya has studied womb awakening extensively with the Fountain of Life 9 Moon Apprenticeship Program.
She is an advocate for women reclaiming full creative potential, reviving wild sexuality and passion, and rooting us in our sexual sovereignty.


Bonuses included in your package

~ Bonus Call:  Money mindset reset, clear belief systems and trauma around money and learn how to call in abundance
~ Discounts for AyaPapaya Retreats including Serpent Moon, Ancient Voices, and Prayers of the Womb
~ Access to a growing virtual ohana of (family) women 




Contact Aya with any questions:

805 453 8060