Serpent Moon Retreat - Aya Papaya

Serpent Moon Retreat

Awaken pleasure in your body & reclaim your WILD power . . .

Calling women to explore womb healing and the sex mysteries while dancing with serpents . . .


Serpent Moon Retreat June 14 – 11

Women’s Retreat in Mt Shasta, California

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Imagine . . . waking up in the mountains and breathing in the crisp air, surrounded by women dedicated to healing our creative energy and reawakening ancient womb / sex practices including deep embodiment and dancing with live serpents . . .

If you’re looking to . . .

~ Connect with tribe to reawaken your wild  essence and fully embody your personal power . . . 

~ Spend time moving and dancing with live serpents . . . 

~ Claim your sexual sovereignty and open pathways to more PLEASURE . . . 

~ Move stagnant energy and clear past trauma so life force can move freely in your body . . . 

~ Connect to your intuition, and learn how to manifest with grace and flow . . . 

“Coming from Aya’s retreats gives you such a sense of self empowerment and self worth and really connecting you more deeply with yourself so you feel like you can fight for yourself, you can make decisions for yourself and trust that everything will work out . . . to not just survive but THRIVE . . . ”

~ Merissa Marcuccella founder of Integrity Cacao and Blissful Balance Ayurveda


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I used to be afraid of snakes . . .

I was at a music festival a few years back when I met Rose Mary, and shared with her my fear of snakes, a completely irrational yet ingrained dislike of the serpent.  Later that weekend, another sister brought Damiana ( a 8 ft red tailed boa) and placed her over my shoulders.  I instinctively took off all my layers so that I could feel Damiana fully on my bare skin, and instead of repulsion which I expected, I was fully entranced.  

The serpents are master somatic movers, isolating every muscle in their body, and moving fluidly across your body, as though giving you the most delicate massage, and dancing with your energy at the same time.  

After that, I spent days at Rose’s moving and learning from Damiana, and other serpents like her.  Through them I feel my kundalini awakening, from their dance I feel the divine feminine flow through me as well as a deep connection to my sexual power.  

This is a retreat for . . .

~ ones ready reconnect to nature and the WILD world around you

~ onesSsss ready to reawaken their womb / hara, and realize your full power as a woman

~ onesSsss ready to clear long held trauma patterns and limiting beliefs so that they can reach their full potential

~ onesSsss who are curious are called to walking the path of the serpent, reawakening practices honoring and learning from these wise beingssss . . . .

~ onessSsss ready to live fully embodied and free to express authentically through movement and voice



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In 4 days you will . . .

~ Have daily movement sessions with the serpent dancing and learning from these beingsSsss.  Rose Mary from Serpent Sanctum will be guiding us to deepen our connection with the serpent and to move with them in a safe and honoring way.  

~ Celebrate the full moon in ritual and sisterhood

~ Reawaken ancient practices in womb / hara healing including Womb Pulsing.  These practices will connect you to your personal power and confidence, improve libido and sexual pleasure, and bring movement and release to stuck patterns so that life force can flow freely throughout your body.  

~ Daily embodied movement journeys with Aya to remember and embrace your WILD spirit.  Just as we all have a unique fingerprint, there is a blueprint within us all a blueprint of how our body yearns to move.  Every person is a dancer, every dancer has their flow, their language that their body weaves.  As we remember who we are we use breathwork, to explore the subtle energies moving throughout our bodies, allowing for stillness, and letting our movements rise up from within.  

~ Sharing circles and teachings around the womb / blood mysteries and a deeper connection to the feminine polarity that lives in both men and women’s bodies.

Are you ready to breakthrough?

~ Harness your creative power through the womb portal, and learn how to manifest with flow and ease

~ Increase sexual libido and embody your full sensual pleasure

~ Connect and live your true passion and purpose

~ Heal from past trauma and call in freedom and movement to stuck patterns

~ Embody your full vibrance magnetizing abundance and your dreams


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You will leave this retreat . . . 

~ Feeling at home in your body, and connected to your sacred sexuality

~ Having a new ohana (family) who are dedicated to their own transformation and fully supportive of your process

~ With a deeper connection to the serpent magic and practical knowledge on serpent handling and care



“Feeling extremely grateful and rejuvenated and rebirthed . . . we all could conquer so many fears and feel a sense of liberation . . . ” 

– Malu from Ancient Voices Hawai’i Nei

Your Facilitators for Serpent Moon Retreat . . .

Aya Iwasaki from AyaPapaya

Aya is a entrepreneur, creator of Ancient Voices Retreats, designer of AyaPapaya Clothing and Jewelry and somatic movement guide.  Allured by the wild and beauty within our beings, Aya Iwasaki calls us to remember ancient wisdom and awaken the intelligence stored inside our bodies. Combining embodied movement, somatic release, and vocal empowerment, Aya guides journeys of self exploration designed to connect to our authentic selves, unearth our deepest desires, and birth our deepest offerings.  She hosts transformational retreats, womb awakening workshops, online courses, and private mentoring as a reimagined mystery school where we learn from the wild and the deep well of our own knowing.
Passionate pursuit of embodying the wild feminine brought Aya into deep study of female sexuality, womb wisdom, and a descent into the underworld.   Aya has studied womb awakening extensively with the Fountain of Life 9 Moon Apprenticeship Program.
She is an advocate for women reclaiming full creative potential, reviving wild sexuality and passion, and rooting us in our sexual sovereignty.

Rose Mary from Serpent Sanctum

Rose Mary is President and Founder of Serpent Sanctum. Her vision brought together the amazing group of serpents, women and supporters. She offers healing sessions with the serpents, shedding what no longer serves, transforming and transmuting the old, realigning the chakras and activating the kundalini. She is a certified Theta II practitioner, has studied tantric shamanism, and is a licensed priestess recognized by the State of California.

mollie-bioMollie Hull ~ Our Photographer Extroardinaire

Mollie specializes in environmental portraiture, visual storytelling, and authentic documentation with a keen emphasis on natural light.  She helps companies, organizations, and individuals communicate their message by creating natural images that define their true story.
Mollie is interested most in light’s alliance with the world.  Reflecting shared experiences of joy and humor, wonder and integration, she feels she can create a space for honest optimism and surprising revelations.  She witnesses and honors the artistry of existence as she encounters it within nature, art, music, society.


Healthy & High Vibe Food

We’ll be providing organic meals sourced locally as much as possible.  Three meals a day will have vegan / vegetarian / gluten free options.   We will have a sister on site creating all our meals with LOVE.



Apply for partial scholarship for the Serpent Moon Retreat

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Meet the Serpents: Just a few of the friends we will have on retreat. . . 

DAMIANA is a 6 foot Colombian Red Tail Boa who found her way to the Serpent Sanctum in 2015, leaving behind a life of urban isolation and neglect. Although when she first arrived to the Sanctum Damiana was depleted and weak, she has blossomed beautifully among the joys of sisterhood and dance and loves cuddling up to her many admirers. Damiana’s healing powers are profound, and she seeks out and uses her sensitivity especially with those whose suffering is intense.

SHIVA is a 7 year old pastel royal python who has been dancing with Serpent Sanctum since 2012. He is a charmer and loves meeting new people and dancing. Shiva loves other snakes and prefers to be housed with friends. He recently became a papa to 8 little wiggly babies, 5 of whom have his light pastel color. 

RISA is a really cute pastel Royal Python with a mysterious part. Because she wasn’t handled much by her previous caretakers, Risa can be shy at first—but once she warms up to you, she is a fabulous dancer and loves to crown. Risa is quite curious and enjoys exploring the many paths and people she meets through her work with Serpent Sanctum. She is a powerful hunter with strong instincts and a deep medicine of truth seeking. Risa’s sweet and adventurous spirit invites each person she meets to smile and laugh with her on the road of life!



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