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Reflections in the New Year . . . Realizing my Personal Legend

hooping in bamboo forest

hooping in bamboo forest

With the start of the new year a lot of thoughts have been swirling in my mind.  First off, utmost gratitude for all of the adventures and experiences from 2013.  In my personal life, I saw friendships expand, grow, traveled to Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Sedona with my love, learned to dance with the dragon staff, and got the first of my Reiki attunements.  With AyaPapaya, I launched this website, started our clothing line, vended almost every weekend in the summer, as a whole a very succesfull year for a small business.  With dance, I taught many hoop workshops, trained with friends at FireGroove, and performed in Costa Rica, LIB, and at burning man, and taught workshops at Festivals up and down the coast.  It was a year jam packed with travels, magical sunrises, fire spinning, and all night dancing under the moon and stars.

When I think about all that I got to experience, and all that I accomplished in 2013, I feel so blessed for all that I have.  At the same time, there is a part of me that feels a yearning, for something more.  Not that I am incomplete, but that there is another part of me asking to me unlocked, more to explore.  I’ve been feeling like I’m on the verge of diving into the next unknown without knowing where I’m going, or where I want to go.  It feels a little bit like preparing for a trip without knowing the destination, and all I can do is hope that I’m doing all the right things.

As I start this New Year, I want to commit to a year of self awareness, growth, and exploring all possibilities.  The only way to prepare myself is a gentle but constant reminder of “Am I ready for anything?”

Over the Holidays, I picked up “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  She embarked on a year long journey to become a happier person, not because she was unhappy but to step into a fuller and more consistent happiness in her life. Her book read more like a year of self discovery, and commitment to work on herself, then an idle pursuit of happiness.  She spent time working on her relationships, finding causes of guilt and alleviating them, and reorganizing her home and life to suit her needs.  I am inspired to start a similar process.  Gretchen created a very specific regiment for herself, with 12 topics to work on, one for every month.  She had goals for every month, as well as a chart to keep track of her progress.  My project is likely to not look like hers, from the book I can tell that we are very different people.  What I do want to do is to log my project as she did through this blog, sharing thoughts, goals, triumphs, and insight through this process in my life.  To start with is a list I made for myself as a starting point.

Who I am and want to be

Someone who believes that anything is possible.
Someone who loves and supports those around her.
Someone with close knit friends. Surrounded by loved ones.
Brave, not afraid of the new, excited for tomorrow.
Values every day and expects magic in the mundane things.
Diligent, working towards goals and taking time for self evaluation and growth.
Learning constantly, soaking up new experiences, being aware of my surroundings and taking every opportunity for growth.

Present, grounded and very aware of every moment.
Up to date on current events; an advocate for women in need across the globe.
3/22/14  Almost four months into the year, I’ve decided what to call my project.  This is “Realizing my personal legend”  Check out this next blog post for more on this topic ~…-setting-space
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