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Womb Chain Water
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*** Preorder Womb Chains will be shipping out late December

Bless your belly, life, and sex.  Womb chains or waist beads is a tradition that comes from Africa, and many believe before that from ancient Egypt.  They can be worn over clothing as adornment, or as a private practice under clothes as a symbol of femininity and empowerment.  Traditionally they have been gifted to infants during naming ceremonies, gifted to young ones as they reach womanhood, gifted by a suitor, or worn during pregnancy to call bless the womb.  They can also be worn to honor a woman’s sexuality, and to create desire in a man.  Womb chains have been believed to invoke blessings, power, and abundance to the wearer and can be worn as a reminder of a woman’s innate beauty, strength, or the intentions set by the woman wearing them.  They accentuate the hips and bring our awareness and love to our wombs, our creative center.
Womb chains were also traditionally a built in weight tracker as they used to be worn without a clasp.  So if one gained weight the beads would roll higher onto the waist and if one lost weight it would fall lower onto the hips and eventually off the body.
AyaPapaya womb chains were intentionally crafted with love using all brass beads and crystals.  Each crystal used has been handpicked with healing and loving intention, and comes in four different styles calling in the elements.
Our chains come with a clasp so that they can be taken on and off but some women choose to wear them all the time.
When you receive your womb chain take time to set an intention and send your prayers into the chain before wearing it for the first time.  Some women will choose to cleanse the crystals, and beads in salt water over night, or lay it out in the full moon for energetic clearing.  Also traditionally waist beads are believed to fall off or break when your intention or a cycle has come to completion.  Pay attention to when that happens, it’s often in perfect timing.  You can either save the beads to be strung into a new womb chain, or choose to gift it back into the earth burying it, or giving it to the ocean.
Water ~
Water is adorned with a whale tail and rainbow moonstone, aquamarine, and labradorite. Ways to work with the water element:
~ Becoming fluid, allowing yourself to go with the flow rather then swimming against the current.
~ Connect with the cycles of the moon.  As the tides ebb and flow, drop into the natural rhythms of the waters in your body.  Aquamarine calls in oceanic energy.
~ Calling in nourishment, drink deeply from the well, and replenish your strength.
~ Whales are called the record keepers in many traditions.  How do we fit into the stories of the world, and how can we live in a way that honors the ones who have come before us?  Listen for the ancient voices to speak to you.

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