LIB Special : Iris Hooded Reversible Dress - Aya Papaya

LIB Special : Iris Hooded Reversible Dress

LIB Special : Iris  Hooded Reversible Dress

This is a special sale for those of you going to  LIB.  Preorder your dress now at a huge discount, ($25 off!)  then come to our booth and pick up your dress from our collection at the festival!

Simply place your order, then bring an ID or order # to pick up the dress.  You can take advantage of online savings and still get to try it out, and pick out your color in person.

*These orders are non refundable, and you cannot get the dress shipped to you, so please make sure that you or a friend can come in person to pick it up at LIB!

Iris ~ Goddess of the rainbow, as well as a messenger in Greek mythology

These hooded dresses are reversible, and cinch at the back for a custom fit.  The sides rouche up or down so that the piece can be worn as a longer dress or as a tunic over leggings.

All of our pieces are proudly made in the Southern California!  We LOVE supporting the local community, creating jobs in America, and keeping our carbon footprint in check.

Size Information ~ See our Size Chart for more info.
The Iris is adjustable around the back and fit every woman differently. Size has to do with both waist width, and distance between hip and neck, and we’ve tried to capture that on a size chart.  
If you feel you are between two sizes, know that the smaller size will be tighter and shorter vs. larger dress will give you more length



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