Journey to Pele’s Womb Retreat

All women’s Retreat in Puna, Hawai’i


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When: December 13 – December 18
Where: A Bali Style retreat center steps from Black Sand Beach

Enjoy 6 Days and 5 Nights at the heart of Pele’s Womb in Puna Hawai’i. Watch fire meet water and form new land by visiting the lava flow at both by boat and hike with offerings to Pele.  (It has been three years since the lava could be viewed flowing into the ocean, this is a special treat).  Experience the healing modalities of voice, womb activation, yoni steams and guided movement journeys. Sister’s weaving authentic expression as we return to ancient rememberance.

Red hot lava flowing into Pacific Ocean on Big Island, Hawaii

Pele pouring into the ocean

Visiting the lava flow up close

Alila Retreat 1

Celebrate the ‘aina and connect with wild beauty

















~ Pele is the Hawai’ian Goddess of fire, wind, volcanoes, and lightning who created the Hawai’ian islands.  We have a rare chance to visit her lava flow into the ocean to see fire merge with water.  (It’s been 3 years since we have been able to view the lava flow into the ocean.)  The Big Island of Hawai’i has been created  as lava flow sinks into the ocean so we literally get to see new earth being coming to life.  With so much raw young energy I’ve always found the Big Island to be a place of quick transformation, and a potent space to create our dreams to life.

~ Visit the lava flow by boat seeing the powerful pulse of fire meeting water up close.

~ Hike over lava at sunrise/sunset with offerings to Pele.

~ Immerse yourself in the jungles of Puna Hawai’i. Guided by AyaPapaya and Alila Grace we will soak in the energy of Pele, exploring her black sand beaches, lava caves, and eating 3 local organic meals.  We’ve created this retreat to source straight from the ‘aina (land, and our connection to it) and to connect us to the wild footprint and heart of Hawai’i.

~Drop into your sacred essence and ancient remembrance with womb activations, yoni steam ceremony, jade egg practices and other Temple Arts rituals with Alila Grace. We will heal the wounds that keep us stuck, confused and dis-empowered as we activate and anchor into our intrinsic belly knowing. Remember, Reclaim, Restore.

~ Connect and integrate the body, heart, and soul with movement/voice classes lead by AyaPapaya.  We will be rattle making and creating song/sound/dance/movement together.  All workshops will be held at our beautiful Balinese retreat center.

~ Full Moon Circle and trance dance with your sisters as well as join the famous Sunday morning Ecstatic Dance at Kalani.


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Alila poking lavaVisiting the Lava Flow ~
Take a journey across a sacred lava field lit by the settle tones of the sun setting. Feel the pulse of the fire, of the womb creating herself anew. Drop into the medicine of pure shakti, flowing from the center of the earth. As you approach, you feel the heat, you feel the Mana (pure life force energy), you feel the sacred reverence of Pele- the mystic, the creator, the destroyer. We journey with prayer, with song, with offering. We journey with humility and with courage to burn all that is not soul-aligned – we dissolve into Her essence. We witness with presence and awe as she dances and returns to the ocean of Oneness. Elements of water, fire, earth and air all in one molten lava stream – the true Avatar. Join us for a full moon pilgrimage of a lifetime to the Holy Cleansing Fires!


Group Hands Up WorkshopRemember ~ Innate movement journey with Aya:

Just as we all have a unique fingerprint, there is a blueprint within us all a blueprint of how our body yearns to move.  Every person is a dancer, every dancer has their flow, their language that their body weaves.  In “Remember” we use breathwork, aromatherapy, and moving meditation to explore the subtle energies moving throughout our bodies, allowing for stillness, and letting our movements rise up from within.  As we move we will use theta healing for group downloads, as an invitation to move past blocks, and live fully in our power.


Alila Retreat 2Temple Arts with Alila:
Return to the Temple, where the veil of time is lifted and you remember who you are. You remember the individual and unique codes that you came into this human experience to share, you remember the oath that your soul took at the beginning of time, you remember that you are a Priestess emBody. Alila holds specific codes and remembrance of the ancient lineage of mothers, the red tent, the holy Sophia/Magdalene bloodline, the yoni mysteries and womb activations. Through various ancient practices of the original Priestesses, Trantrikas and Goddesses, she will lead back to your inner sanctuary, your cellular home; she will lead you back to your Belly Wisdom.



Included in your Retreat Package:

– 6 day 5 night stay at the a Balinese Style retreat center steps from Kehena Beach
– All Organic meals provided from the day you arrive to our last morning together
– Facilitated workshops and guided meditations lead by Alila Grace and AyaPapaya throughout the event
– Chartered boat excursion to see the lava flow
– Transportation from/to airport to our retreat location as well as all transportation throughout the retreat
– Opportunity to see the lava flow from land and from ocean
– Ceremonial yoni steam

Bios of our Hosts:

Aya Iwasaki ~
Movement is integral in Aya‘s life and a source of grounding and connecting with spirit.  Combining training from various teachers Aya embodies beauty and grace in her dance  and brings authentic movement into her flow. Aya feels empowered by movement to live  fully and in constant exploration of new creative outlets and projects.  Her most recent  project has been “Remember” an intuitive slow movement dance class that she has been  developing.  Aya has seen the  healing power of movement arts first hand, and is  passionate about sharing, performing, and guiding connection to both body and voice.

Alila GraceAlila Sophia Grace ~

Alila Sophia Grace has been deeply rooted in the Divine Feminine and Ancient Tantric teachings since 2009 after finding her yoga mat and spiritual heart in 2001. Alila is a global traveler – a passionate teacher of Womb Consciousness, Temple and Priestess Arts, and accesses codes of intrinsic Remembrance. She humbly devotes herSelf in service of Beloved, inviting wombyn to honor and embody to their Sacred Sovereign Self. She compassionately leads you out of the matrix mind and into your inner soul-scape sanctuary. Alila is the founder and creator of Mahina Cup, Sacred Cycle, the number 1 menstrual solution for the modern women. Alila is based on Big Island, Hawaii.


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Reasons to Join Pele’s Womb Retreat:

~ Visit Pele and her lava flow into the ocean
~ Break out of your daily routine and realign with your true nature and purpose
~ Awaken your womb, stir your sexual/creative energies to activate your full potential
~ Connect with nature and wild animals and the vast diversity of the ocean
~ Integrate the body, heart, and soul through guided experiences and self love practices
~ Nourish the body with local organic food
~ Explore the coastline of Puna- the big island of Hawaii
~ Learn how to give yourself permission to radiate your full brilliance
~ Slow down and take time to reflect on yourself and your life, set intentions
~ Swim in the cleansing waters of the blue Hawaiian oceans
~ Have a safe space to share authentically amongst others on the same path
~ Cultivate mastery of the body and mind through movement and meditation
~ Make new friends and form deep connections
~ Give yourself the gift of a transformational experience

Testimonials :

“This retreat birthed a whole new me…a WHOLE me, full of the juicy ripeness of my feminine essence.  Alila exudes the grace and beauty of femininity, and breathes the power and strength of a living Goddess.  And she demanded our full presence, our fullest surrender…to drop in.  She guided us on our journeys deep into ourselves, or inter-most being, into our deepest desires and longings… and the layers and walls and rigidity began melting away.  We sat in circle allowing our yoni’s to open and sip the steam of herbal medicine while we sang songs of freedom.  We joyfully moved and grooved our booties and got the Shakti fire roaring.  We channeled our inner mermaids, reveled in the simple joy of feeling our juicy naked bodies in the saltwater and soaking up the warmth of the Sun.  We filled our bellies with high vibrational and delicious food fresh from the loving island. We supported one another as sisters as we laughed, played, cried, and let go.  We harnessed the power of the new moon to set intentions for ourselves, to activate our highest self and better serve the world.  This circle was so potent…my intention was to move to the Island by the end of the year, and my plane leaves in October.  This retreat sparked my soul and ignited the flames of my Heart.  I healed my relationship with my womb in ways I had no idea even needed healing. I could feel my entire lineage rejoicing in the work I was doing…my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother. Total re-programming.  The Goddess is ALIVE!  Alila showed me we can merge with Her, joyfully and wholly.  I am forever grateful.”

– Melissa Mytych
“Alila can take the room from 0 to 100 in an instant. Her radiance authenticity shines unconditionally to each student who walks through the door. Her “techniques” (if you want to call them techniques) are creative and refreshing, breaking barriers without even know it. Every word she speaks pours from her heart and soul straight to yours. Her words of wisdom from her journies partnered with the medicine of movement and breath will blossom you open. It’s like having a 2-hour therapy session with your best friend. Alila selflessly pours herself into her work taking no credit for the transformation. “You are already here.” Reminding you anything created is purely from your soul. Do yourself a favor and go getcha some Alila lOve, I know you will never be the same.”
— Chyla Walsh Yoga
“Meeting with Alila, a living and breathing embodiment of what she teaches, helped me to activate the feminine fire that has been resting dormant for so much of my life. I have learned so much from Alila about what it means to be a woman through simply seeing her—the way she eats, dances, listens and speaks all sing shakti. She listens with compassion and openness, seeing the whole of my experience just as it is. Our session was an initation into this next chapter of my life—one of fully embodied femininity—and I am forever grateful.”
“I totally LOVEDDDDD Everything about the trip!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Aya and Shannon for capturing all of these incredible moments! It was truly a blessing to be able to spend a week on the magical island with all of you and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! It was so incredible to be that close to the dolphins as well! They are beautiful creatures and I really have an even greater appreciation for them now that I have been able to experience them in their NATURAL habitat!  <3 Also THANK YOU again so much for the birthday cakes! You are too sweet! The food was amazing, the chefs were so kind and accommodating to our diverse needs, and everything was truly magical! I really discovered a part of myself that I didn’t know existed while on the island. I conquered some of my biggest fears, and experienced so many new things that it is hard to believe I was only there for a week!!! ” – Carolyn

“Being a part of Aya’s guided dolphin adventure was truly profound and life changing for me. I had never experienced the ocean and it’s magic in that way before. The excitement from everyone when we first jumped in the water was palpable. We had seen the dolphins coming to the surface to say hello, but nothing compared to what it was like to be with them in their environment. Literally hundreds of dolphins were swimming in the bay. Almost everywhere we looked we could see groups of them swimming together and dancing around each other in the water. Some of them were a lot more friendly and would come in surprisingly close to get a better look. They were just as curious about us as we were about them.
It was amazing and it is an experience that I would recommend to anyone. It surpassed my wildest expectations and I look forward to returning to the Big Island of Hawaii every year to reconnect and dive deeper into my connection with the ocean. The depths of emotions and transformation this journey birthed for me is something words cannot truly express. I am so grateful to Aya and all of the facilitators and participants that took part in and helped to create such a magical adventure.” – Caterina Suttin


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